Featured Item: Activities

  • James Wyckoff
  • 2018-06-07

Activities have undergone a major facelift, first to make them more simple to navigate, and second to provide enhanced functionality that allows a discussion thread to occur between a user and their manager (think coaching!).  In prior versions, once an Activity assignment was submitted by the user for approval, their manager could approve or deny the submission, but any comments made by the manager were not shared with the user.  Now, managers can communicate back to the user any feedback they have, which is especially useful if the user is being asked to try again.  The discussion can move back and forth as often as needed until the activity is complete, and all comments are saved and viewable by both parties.
The new page layout provides a more visual path for users when completing activities, clearly denoting where in the process a user is at any time, from Pending to Participated or Completed.  Updates were also made to the Performance Manager application so that viewing media submissions and processing a participated activity are more clear and easy to perform.