News & Insights (Feb)

v7.6 is Ready to Go!

  • Katherine Guest
  • Feb-01-2021

Call your engagement manager to get on the schedule.

Release highlights:  

  1. Multiple managers can manage an org node. Support has been added for setting multiple managers to manage the same node of an org chart. All managers of a node have the same management rights over members of that node and sub-nodes as solo managers have had previously. Notifications set to go to a user's direct manager now go to all managers of the user's org node.
  2. Ad-hoc notifications can now be scheduled. Ad-hoc notifications sent to group or object assignees can now be scheduled in OPCM. Administrators can select both the date and time for the notifications to be delivered.
  3. Assignment detail available for display to users. Portal (online) and mobile user interfaces can now indicate to the user how they got an assigned item, including system generated, self-assigned, or assigned by: the name of the assigning manager or administrator. Custom interfaces need a minor update to utilize this functionality.
  4. PIP and background audio now supported in iOS CellCast apps. The iOS CellCast apps now support Picture-In-Picture (PIP) for video nuggets and background audio playback for audio nuggets.

Please speak to your OnPoint Engagement Manager if you would like to learn more.

Interactive Assessments - New Add-on Module

OnPoint's new Interactive Assessments module allows users and managers to interactively complete assessments within a customizable structure of performance evaluation defined within the Course Manager application. Both user and manager responses are recorded as assessment answers and can be reviewed in OPCM and OPPM and included in reports.