The Art of the Hype and the Beauty of Flexibility

  • Katherine Guest
  • Aug-11-2021

Do you hype your awesome User Interface? You know, the one you spent so much time perfecting so that it had just the elements your users needed and none of the ones they didn't; incorporated just the design language your Marketing Department approved; and serves up just the content your training leads intend, to just the right users and managers that are supposed to see it?

Whether you created one unique interface or a number of different ones, you've likely earned a bit of bragging rights. Most learning systems have one common user interface -- for everyone! They don't differentiate between one customer or community of users that just wants a catalog of optional content to self-select from, from another who may have rigid compliance training requirements, to yet another group who wants gamification because their users are competitive.

OnPoint's flexible UX approach allows all these groups to 'have it their way', without a single customization to the underlying software code base. All of these varying user interfaces live at the top layer of the architecture, above the main software, ensuring that software updates and quarterly releases can occur with zero impact to the 'front end' user interface(s). Any impact a customer might experience would be related to a new feature being added (our new Notes or Glossary features, for example) that then may need to be incorporated into the active user interfaces so that users can take advantage of these new features.

And here comes that beauty of unique interfaces for different groups of users. Maybe there are some groups that want to leverage the new features, and some that don't. With a flexible user experience layer that lives atop an underlying common codebase, you have the option of enabling functionality for one group but not another. That 'Burger King Whopper' metaphor holds true. And when everyone can have it their way, you are the hero!

Innovative design that ensures flexibility is the secret to accommodating new groups as they come onto the learning platform. In today's multi-faceted and increasingly multi-national organizations, different groups of users can have very different sets of requirements and expectations – and they all want to feel their desires are heard and their unique requests can be supported, without compromise. With OnPoint, you'll be able to do just that, and maintain your hero status well into the future.